On Keeping

A little song that makes me happy. This was so much fun to write. I love bees.

I didn’t have a specific Holmes in mind when writing this though it’s strongly influenced by both BBC!Sherlock and JLM!Holmes (there will be a proper Elementary song soon I promise!).

Also apparently I can’t decide how I want to pronounce Lestrade. In this song I’m switching between the way they pronounce it in Sherlock and the way I’m used to pronouncing it since forever.


I said goodbye to London Town, left Bakerstreet behind
the yard can deal without me now and I don’t even mind
that I’ve got more time than I can spend
I got some books on keeping a garden and keeping bees
now let’s see how this will go
when I could never keep anyone
no women, not my brother, not my mom

I will get a garden and I will learn how to keep bees
I will smoke a pipe as I sit under the trees
I might have Lestrade over for a cup of tea
and I will never be lonely

They say it takes patience and kindness and commitment to keep bees
and I don’t know if I have anything of that
but I will try and I will learn and I’d be glad
if there was someone I could show that I’m not a lost cause
and I can be so much kinder than the man that I once was


All through my life I watched people come and go
some stayed for a cup of tea, some didn’t even say hello
I hope my bees stay with me till the day I die
I hope they never question why
I’m sometimes moody, sometimes mean,
sometime not more than a machine,
I can be egoistic and I don’t know how to run away from my own mind
and remember that one time when you were upset and I was cruel when really I just didn’t want you to leave just yet


and dear doctor Watson, if you don’t mind I’d like to keep you
I learned to be patient and kind and if you want to
I can show you the bees in my garden and the birds in my heart
and we will never grow apart

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